RRTWM – The Greatest Wrestlemania Card


Hi guys, with Wrestlemania 30 just a few weeks away, I’ve returned to Wrestling Rambles to give you, the readers, a fantasy Wrestlemania card which will be made up from some the greatest matches from the first 29 Wrestlemanias. I’ve made up a few rules for this so here they are: (1) it has to be an 8 match card,(2) no wrestler can appear more than once, and (3) there has to be a Divas match. Ok then let’s get started.

Bret Hart v Owen Hart Wrestlemania 10

This encounter is considered one of the best if not the best Wrestlemania opening match ever. Owen Hart was jealous of Bret’s success for years and decided to challenged him to a match at Wrestlemania. Bret refused for weeks but eventually he accepted. Bret dominated the opening exchanges before Owen gained the upper hand. Both men would go close to gaining victory with several near falls. Finally after 20 gruelling minutes of exciting back and forth action, Owen pinned Bret after the latter attempted a victory roll.

Kurt Angle v Chris Benoit Wrestlemania 17

This match was the first of several outstanding Angle v Benoit matches. This feud thrown together as neither man had anything to do for Wrestlemania but none the less it was a masterclass.  The match started with mat wrestling but turned into fight after Angle got frustrated. Angle would throw Benoit onto the announce table and into the ring steps. As the match went on both men tried to make the other tap out with their respective submission holds. Benoit would make Angle submit but the referee was knocked out. Angle eventually picked up the win after he rolled up Benoit and grabbed his tights.

Edge & Christian v The Hardy Boys v The Dudley Boys Wrestlemania 16

The first ever triangle ladder match took place during a golden period for tag team wrestling which might never be seen again. It was the first of 3 major matches between these teams and it would steal the show. In a Wrestlemania that had no singles matches and wasn’t that great, this match did not disappoint. The Dudley Boys were the defending champions going into their first Wrestlemania match. The most memorable moment in the match in my opinion was Jeff Hardy doing a swanton bomb off a 20 foot ladder onto Bubba Ray Dudley and through a table onto the concrete floor. It was one of many crazy spots performed by these 3 teams. Edge and Christian would pick up the win by unhooking the belts that were above the ring and start the first of their 7 tag team title reigns. 

Trish Stratus v Mickie James Wrestlemania 22

This feud started when Mickie James became extremely obsessed with Trish even going so far as kissing her and confessing her love for her. After Trish did not express the same feeling for her, Mickie turned heel and attacked her. The match itself was probably the best divas match of the last decade in many people’s opinion, including mine. Mickie James dominated for large periods and picked up the win and her first Women’s title after a Mick Kick to the back of Trish’s head.

Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker Wrestlemania 25

At the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania we received the first of two classic encounters between the men who are considered Wrestlemania’s greatest performers. This match is my personal favourite Wrestlemania match, it had everything. The feud started when HBK defeated both Vladimir Kozlov and JBL to earn the right to challenge The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. HBK got the better of The Undertaker in the weeks leading up to the match by laying him out with two superkicks. The match itself started slowly but the pace soon picked up as one of most memorable moments of the match came as the Deadman dove over the top rope on to the outside and landed on the camera man. Then came several false finishes as HBK kicked out of The Undertaker’s Chokeslam, Last Ride and Tombstone. The Undertaker himself kicked out of HBK’s Sweet Chin Music when it looked like the unthinkable had happened and the streak was over but The Undertaker managed to hit another Tombstone to extend his winning streak to 17-0.

Hulk Hogan v Vince McMahon Wrestlemania 19

This match was two decades in the making as the two men that helped make WWE so successful faced off in a Street Fight. This feud reached breaking point at No Way Out when McMahon cost Hogan a match against The Rock. McMahon challenged Hogan to a match and if Hogan lost he would have to retire. Hogan would accept the challenge. This match was by no means a technical masterclass but just a brawl. It would give one of the best images ever as a bloodied McMahon would slowly rise above the ring apron with a steel pipe (Triple H later said he looked like the devil, lol). But Hulkamania would not be denied and he picked up the win with the big boot and leg drop.

Macho Man Randy Savage v Ricky The Dragon Steamboat Wrestlemania 3

Many wrestling fans consider this match between Steamboat and Savage to be the greatest match in the 80s. The feud started between these two men on an episode of WWF Superstars when Savage injured Steamboat’s larynx by draping it over the ringside barricade and jumping off the top rope. Savage then grabbed the ring bell and slammed it into Steamboat’s throat after jumping off the top rope. This match also ended a long feud between Savage and George ’The Animal’ Steel after Steel pushed Savage off the top rope when he was closing in on the win. Steamboat would come out on top in a match after reversing a scoop slam attempt by Savage into a small package to win the then prestigious Intercontinental Championship.

The Rock v Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestlemania 17

This Wrestlemania is considered the end of the Attitude Era as WWE had weeks before purchased it’s long term rivals WCW. It also marked what is considered one of the biggest mistakes in wrestling history when WWE decided to turn Stone Cold Steve Austin heel and join Vince McMahon.  The feud started when Austin won the 2001 Royal Rumble and The Rock won the WWF title from Kurt Angle at No Way Out. To add intrigue Vince McMahon made Austin’s wife Debra, The Rock manager for this match. Austin threatened The Rock by saying that if any harm came to her, he would hold The Rock responsible and this would lead to weeks of great build up. Like all Rock/Austin matches, it was a fast and furious start, with both men exchanging moves and fighting all over the arena. Both men would become bloodied. As the match came to a close Rock and Austin would use their own finishers as well as each other’s without success. Then Vince McMahon made his way to the ring and handed Austin a steel chair which he would use to hit The Rock several times and pin him to become champion. After the match McMahon and Austin would shake hands and drink beer to leave the wrestling world shocked.

Well that’s it, there is my fantasy Wrestlemania card made up some of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history. Feel free to tell me yours in the comment section below. You can follow me on twitter @JohnnyWhyte93 and the site @WrestlinRambles