WWE has gotten PUNK’D

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UnknownThe WWE has finally broken their silence on the CM Punk situation live on RAW. We saw last Monday the show start off with CM Punk’s music hit only to have Paul Heyman appear and deliver a great promo on how it was the fans fault Punk is gone. According to internet rumors and dirt sheets it seems this was the WWE’s sendoff without burying Punk. So the main question has to be: Is CM Punk done with pro wrestling? Since Punk delivered his 1st pipe bomb it seemed like the guy was on top of pro wrestling. He even “left” the company and totally fooled the fans in what was one of the best summers of pro wrestling. The so called “Best Wrestler in the World” and now he’s gone like that. If you had told me during his 400+ day championship reign that he was gonna be gone from the company a year later I would have said you were out of your mind. But that is the case as any appearances Punk was going to make that weren’t even wrestling related, for example he was set to appear at a Wizard Con. And now Randy Orton will fill in his place…If I was suppose to meet CM Punk and instead would be meeting Orton my head would explode. I think Orton is a great performer and I would love to meet him one day but come on it’s CM Punk. Rumors are saying that Punk might pursue a career in UFC. But Dana White killed those rumors by saying that the only time the two talk it is never about business. The fans on the Chicago Monday Night Raw really let their voices be heard and Vince McMahon seems like he has everything control. But I truly believe the only person that knows whats going through CM Punk’s head is CM Punk. Whatever he chooses I honestly hope he is happy doing it and the best of luck to him. I think the next news we will hear about Punk at this moment will be from Punk’s own mouth. During his time in the WWE CM Punk said he wanted to make wrestling cool again. And I believe he made it freaking awesome again. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

  • Axel Mulligan

    I agree. The only person that knows what’s going on in Punk’s head is himself. My only gripe with him was that he didn’t see out his contract. He had six months or so to run on it and he just took his ball and went home like Austin did and, in my opinion, let his fans down by not letting WWE write him out of storylines.

    • 7wwerocks .

      I totally agree. It seemed almost childish for him to do that. Should have sat down with Vince and just let him know how he feels.

  • Vincent Is Valentine

    Aw, man, did I have a hearty laugh when I heard about how Raw turned out. It almost makes me wished I watched the show that night. But alas, I have TNA, ROH, the American indies and the international scene to maintain my wrestling fix.

    That being said, contract or not, the so-called WWE Universe still hasn’t taken to heart Punk’s pipebombs. To them, it’s just another clever and witty promo. A classic case of a message going into one ear and escaping to the other. As for this #HijackRaw, I just…


    … ah yes, that was a good one. Great way to stick it to the man, folks. I hope Botchamania immortalizes that blunder one of these days.

  • Tony Kegger

    I’m done listening to anyone’s opinion about Punk returning. My opinion doesn’t matter. Dave Meltzer’s opinion doesn’t matter. Or Jim Ross, Steve Austin, etc. The next update about CM Punk needs to come directly from CM Punk.