British-Bombshells. An insight

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Welcome Wrestling Ramblers to my insight into a brand new all female promotion British-Bombshells. This week I got the opportunity to hear from one of their top carders Fearn Wai, so lets see what she had to say :-

Fearn Wai 3 I have to admit when I was passed your name by the Bombshells I hadn’t come across it before. Is this your first outing into the profession ?

No, it’s not my first outing. I’ve been training just over two years, I’ve wrestled for a few companies. But it is however, my big first outing. 2014 is where I want to really start and make a name for myself.

fearn wai

I see you are a ref as well as a wrestler , What was it about refereeing the made want to do it?

In all honesty, I never had any intentions of becoming a referee. There was an offer to practically ref all summer and I took it, then it went from there!


Did being a ref come before wrestling?

No, not in the slightest.



Was there anything in particular that made you make the jump to wrestling?

Wrestling always came first, I had an opportunity and took it. Refereeing is actually so much fun! But I do want to break out as a wrestler. That’s the goal.


Was wrestling something you wanted to do from a young age ?

Definitely, you just try dragging me away from that TV when I was about 6!


Is there any one person you look up to and admire the most?

The Bella Twins. They’re hard-working and passionate about wrestling! Also Melina, I take a lot of inspiration from her flexibility and moves, which is a lot of what I do too.

fearn wai 2


 We can see that from your finishing move

The Split Wais




If you could jump to any era, who would you most like to have wrestled?

1990’s The attitude era. I would have loved to work and do a story line with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin! He was an absolute classic, with a good mix of comedy, wrestling and a bad ass attitude!

Awesome choice - one of the best known times in wrestling and the one on the most well-known wrestlers ever :)


What is it you want to achieve in the business?

First I want to make a name for myself on the British scene, travel around and hopefully one day, make it to the WWE. That’s the dream.


Well from what you have told me you have all the right things in place and the attitude to achieve whatever you want. We at Wrestling Rambles with you all the best in your endeavours with British-Bombshells and hope to catch some matches . You can keep up to date with Fearn Wai on Facebook, just like her page –  and you can find her on Twitter@FearnWai    


Well there we are , one of the top wrestlers with a lot of attitude. I will be keeping a close eye on British-bombshells and will have more about them for you soon.

  • Ray The Rambler

    Interesting column! Well done mate. I look forward to your next interview :)

    • david webber

      thanks man. second one coming soon :)